Create your own luxury vehicle
for the greatest comfort and style during your travels
The 5 essential components
of a premium interior
Multi-functional seats from manufacturers can provide a relaxing experience for the passenger during long journeys. Avers transforms these seats using leading European manufacturers, ensuring the utmost comfort and luxury for your body.
Secure and maintain confidentiality with a soundproof partition, separating the driver from the main cabin. The partitions can simultaneously have integrated multimedia features such as TV’s and smart glass.
Unique multi-level lighting sets the ambiance in the cabin. Ceiling lighting ensures ample daylight for business activities, while decorative lighting creates a soothing atmosphere and enhances the immersive experience of multimedia entertainment. The advanced communication system guarantees uninterrupted connectivity with the global network. Installation of a star sky is possible.
Working with documents, laptops or having space to have a meal is impossible without a comfortable table. Having reliable mechanical or electronical features such as a retractable table, safe or refrigerator adds a vast amount of functionality towards your daily drive.
Inspire and accentuate your interior design using the finest leather from German and Italian manufacturers.
Discover the possibilities already brought to life
Mercedes-Benz V-class
Brown Edition
Ford Transit
Ford Edition
Hyundai H350
White Edition
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
RED Edition
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
White Edition
Mercedes-Benz V-class
Black & White Edition
Mercedes-Benz V-class
Brown Edition
Mercedes-Benz V-class
Brown Edition
Mercedes-Benz V-class
Blue Edition
Mercedes-Benz V-class
White Edition
Steps to Success
1 Consultation
Get in contact with us
Personal consultation
Visit Avers for all build possibilities
2 Design
Be inspired and create your individual design with our in-house designers
Choose and build your unique vehicle with our vast spread of materials, textures and colors
3 Implementation
Your vehicle is delivered to our production facility
Our team of qualified professionals build your vehicle
Take your exclusive car and enjoy
is the leader in the conversion of minivans and minibuses in Eastern Europe
productive years in the auto-tuning market
tuned vehicles
comprehensive upgrades
Established a small company Avers for car maintenance
Significant growth of the company due to the increase in production bases
Formed a new division, specializing in tuning cars
1st place in the category "Sound quality" in the final of the European competition IASCA 2006
The tuning department was transformed into Avers Center, a company operating in this prestigious segment
Designed and created the first office on wheels based on a Mercedes minibus
Avers is mentioned in the following magazines "Focus", "Status", "Auto Sound & FORZ"
Working with partners in Europe and the Near East
Completion of the construction of the complex of buildings of the company allowed to create a closed production cycle
The company continues to dynamically develop in the construction of premium offices on wheels, as well as expanding markets and partner networks
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